CLOSED Visiting Fellowships

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 The Center for Constitutional Studies of the Supreme Court of Justice of the Nation is pleased to announce its: 


This call is open to all interested people who meet the requirements to participate in the program. 

Objectives and description of the program 

The program aims to encourage productive dialogue between the Mexican Supreme Court and the national and international academic community. The Center for Constitutional Studies offers the opportunity to conduct original on-site research for three, six, or twelve months, depending on the objectives and scale of the project. 

The research project, the length of the program, and the work plan will be agreed between the Center and the VR before the beginning of the visit. The research proposal should, preferably, be aligned with topics regarding constitutional law, human rights, or any of the various Center’s research agendas. The VR is expected to take part in the academic activities held by the Center, such as seminars and discussion forums. 

The program offers the possibility of collaborating with the Center’s researchers, access to the Supreme Court’s academic resources, and connections with other Mexican academic institutions. The VR will have a space to work within the Center’s facilities. The VR should prioritize their research during their stay, and they are expected to attend the Center in person.  The program has no fee and does not provide financial aid of any kind. The Center is not able to directly support any visa or other immigration procedures. However, once the VR is admitted, the Center will issue a letter of support.

Application periods 

Applications will only be received during two periods every year: 

Spring: from March 1st to 31st. People who submit their application during this period and are admitted to the program may begin their activities on August 1st of the corresponding year, or on January 1st of the following year. Admissions will be announced in May. 

Autumn: from August 1st to 31st. People who submit their application during this period and are admitted to the program may begin their activities on January 1st or August 1st of the following year. Admissions will be announced in October. 

Selection criteria 

Applicants should submit the following materials to 

• Current curriculum vitae; 

• Description of the proposed research containing the research objectives, timeframe, specific deliverable(s), and, if applicable, proposals for collaboration with other institutions. This project must include the proposed dates and length of the applicant’s stay; 

• A statement explaining why the Center for Constitutional Studies is particularly appropriate for the applicant’s research; 

• A letter of recommendation issued by an academic or a letter of institutional support; 

• A letter detailing any secured funding or how they plan to finance their stay; 

• Proof of graduate degree in law or related areas and; 

• If available, access to previous publications. 


This information must be sent via e-mail with the subject "Application to the VR program - CEC SCJN". All materials should be attached as a single PDF with the subject line “Type of document, Full name”: 1. CV; 2. Research project; 3. Statement of reasons; 4. Letter of recommendation; 5. Funding; 6. Graduate degree; and 7. Publication Data. (Example: 1. CV. Juan Pérez López) 

Proposals will be received from people who speak and write Spanish or English. 

Admission to the program 

Applications will be assessed by an academic committee appointed by the Center for Constitutional Studies. Preference will be given to proposals that are aligned with the research agenda of the Center (current research topics can be found on the Center’s website).