Alejandra Martínez Verástegui

Spanish version

Alejandra Martínez Verástegui is the managing Director at the Center for Constitutional Studies since February 2023. She worked as researcher at the Center between June 2015 and January 2023. She is a PhD Candidate at the University Carlos III of Madrid. At the time she holds a master’s degree from the Center for Political and Constitutional Studies in Madrid and a master's degree from the University Carlos III of Madrid. She studied law and got specialized in notary and registry law; also studied at the University of Alberta, Canada and at the International Institute of Human Rights, in France. She was a Founding Partner of Piñar Mañas & Asociados México and a fellow at the Constitutional Court of Spain, where she worked on legal training and constitutional doctrine. She also was the editorial coordinator of the Center's Review from 2015 to February 2023. She is the author or coordinator of several books about constitutional precedent, feminism, and sexual diversity.

Research areas: judicial precedent, judicial protection of human rights, sexual diversity rights and conventionality control.

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