Visiting Fellowships

The Center for Constitutional Studies is a research center created by Mexico’s Supreme Court of Justice, located in Mexico City. The Center is tasked with conducting academic research on constitutional law and related topics and aims to serve as a meeting point for our Supreme Court and the scholarly community. Researchers working with us are presented with a rare opportunity to study a constitutional court from within.

The Center for Constitutional Studies offers the possibility to apply for a visiting fellowship for a 6 months period and up to 1 year. During their stay, visiting fellows are expected to conduct research which will culminate in the publishing of at least one original academic product. Visiting fellows are also expected to take part in some of the Center’s activities like its internal colloquium.

While the fellowship does not include financial assistance, it provides admitted fellows a workplace within the Center, the possibility to work alongside our academics and full access to the Supreme Court’s research resources. The Center for Constitutional Studies is also widely respected within the Mexican academia and holds valuable ties to the most important universities of the country. This translates into a valuable opportunity for anyone looking to study constitutional courts or topics related to constitutional law in depth.

Visiting fellows are expected to prioritize their research activities within the Center but are by no means forbidden from securing teaching positions in universities.

Candidates are expected to send a viable research proposal to carry out during their stay. The proposal must contain the candidate’s résumé and his/her detailed research proposal, which should relate to the Center’s scholarly agenda. Proposals are evaluated on a case-by-case basis. However, candidates are expected to have advanced studies in law and research experience. Submit a proposal to